Cinema with Values

"Man is a narrator. From childhood we are hungry for stories as we are hungry for food. Whether in the form of stories, novels, movies, songs, news ..., stories influence our lives, although not Let us be aware of this. We often decide what is right or wrong to do based on the characters and stories we have assimilated. Stories teach us; they shape our convictions and behaviors; they can help us understand and say who we are. "

Francisco in the message for the World Communications Day 2020

This space is offered as an orientation for a critical and analytical look at cinema. It presents films viewed by members of SIGNIS, specialists in the field. They are offered from a content perspective through the themes that can be found in the stories. Aesthetic and formal criteria are also highlighted.

Our recommendation is oriented to work with this material in Workshops, Seminars or Courses. The films shown here were not necessarily awarded by Signis at the festivals in which it participates.

Adolescents in current Mexican cinema
Latin America & Caribbean

by Luis Garcia Orso, SJ
Topics: Adolescence - Education - Urban cultures - Identity and belonging - Violence and drug trafficking - Social conflicts.

Conversations about "A Hidden Life" by Terrence Malick
Latin America & Caribbean
Glances that contribute to deepen a vision of the film
A hidden life
North America
United States of AmericaUnited States of America
por Luis Garcia Bear SJ
Sowers of Life
Latin America & Caribbean