SIGNIS ALC Joven is a space for meeting, training and exchanging experiences of young communication leaders in Latin America and the Caribbean, which seeks to promote solidarity and transformative communication at the service of society. It is a place where young communicators can carry out a different, humanizing, transforming communication, and walk in the company of other young people with the same ideals and dreams. There they discover and develop all the potential they have as a person and a professional, and share concerns, solutions and proposals for transformation with other communicators from the continent through motivating proposals for young people in their countries.

It is the area where young members of the associates from Latin America train to develop and execute regional projects and projects from their own countries. In this way, the associates enrich themselves with the looks and actions of a generation committed to their time, completing life with their dynamics. Institutional of Signis.

Problems of young people in Ecuador
Latin America & Caribbean
Substance dependence, lack of self-esteem, pressure to be accepted, unemployment and poor vision are some of the problems facing young people in Ecuador . What are the solutions to these difficulties?
Reality of young people in the Dominican Republic
Latin America & Caribbean
Dominican RepublicDominican Republic

Report on the reality of young people in the country, their interests and the challenges they face.

Duration: 5:35 min

Change something
Latin America & Caribbean

How do young Cubans see their future?

Duration: 5:10 min

The problem of art in Peru
Latin America & Caribbean

Young artists from Peru analyze the importance of art for society and the scarce diffusion among young people who deprive themselves of the value of aesthetics

Duration: 5:16 min

Situation of Youth in Argentina
Latin America & Caribbean
Diagnosis of Argentine youth - January 2018