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Latin America & Caribbean

On Friday, June 28, 2024, in the City of Bogotá -Colombia, at the headquarters of the Javeriana University, the presentation of the CELAEC (Latin American Center for Educommunication and Citizenship) was held.

The creation of this center is the product of a demand from SIGNIS ALC members that was reflected in the mandate (Art.10) of the current management (2022-2026).

This center is autonomous from the institution but will be made up of members representing SIGNIS ALC on its board of directors, to promote and support the educational objectives of the institution.

In its statutory objectives it is expressed in Chapter II:

The center arises as a need to take on the challenge of training citizens in a situation of crisis of political and social systems, this leads communication and education professionals, the SIGNIS ALC associates to propose the creation of research spaces, observation, reflection and training that allows addressing from the educommunication approach to accompany, educate and influence democratic processes and strengthen citizenship.

The founding board of directors is made up of Dr. Jaime Carril Executive Director (advisor and consultant of SIGNIS ALC) (Chile). Prof. Carlos Ferraro Director/Secretary (President SIGNIS ALC) (Argentina) and Lic. Alejandro Caro, Director/Treasurer (Vice President of SIGNIS ALC) Chile).

The founding academic Council is made up of Dr. Susana Nuin (Uruguay), Dr. German Rey (Colombia), Prof. Ismar Oliveira Soares (Brazil) and the Sociologist and diplomat Adalid Contreras. (Bolivia).

The creation of this Center is of utmost importance for SIGNIS given that the topics investigated will be transformed into training inputs for the members of the organization, for the purposes of producing advocacy communication that addresses the challenges of social, cultural, and political complexity. and religious of the region.

The spirit of CELAEC is to generate alliances that add and complement common lines of work to the objectives of CELAEC -SIGNIS ALC.


The presentation of the event was broadcast on YouTube and can be seen in full (in Spanish) at the following link: