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A beacon of hope | Radio Hekima, Tanzania | Episode 1| Inspire hope

A beacon of hope | Radio Hekima, Tanzania | Episode 1| Inspire hope
Tanzania, United Republic ofTanzania, United Republic of


In the diocese of Mbinga stands a beacon of hope and resistance: Radio Hekima, the first Catholic radio station in the region.

The fruit of a long-cherished dream of HE Bishop John Ndimbo, Radio Hekima emerged in early 2020 after years of efforts dating back to 2013. Despite the daunting challenges of obtaining permits and navigating treacherous terrain along the way to Mbinga, Bishop Ndimbo and his team remained steadfast in their mission, aware of the transformative impact it would have on their community.

The station's name, Hekima, means "wisdom" in the local language and was chosen to embody the virtues of benevolence, compassion and enlightenment. In the four years it has been on the air, Radio Hekima has built a reputation as a reliable, timely and innovative station, broadcasting programs on education, environmental awareness, human rights, health, cultural diversity, female empowerment, youth engagement, sports , entertainment and extensive information coverage. Your main mission? Reach all facets of Tanzanian society, from the youngest to the oldest, from farmers to influential leaders.

Radio Hekima remains steadfast in its commitment to catalyzing the social and economic development of local communities, fostering a deeper connection to social justice and peace.


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