Good morning, Veronica

Good morning, Veronica
Latin America & Caribbean

By Alejandro Caro *

This series is inspired by the homonymous novel by Rafael Montes and Andrea Killmore. It is a good adaptation that presents us with a deep and raw social criticism.

The series, through its protagonist, is played by principles that for her are non-negotiable, such as truth and justice. Generally, it tends to happen that those in charge of protecting these social values and citizens do not do so, since they are rather looking for their own interests.

What seems interesting about this story is that it presents us clearly and crudely the reality of the abuse of women, which allows us to realize that sometimes we are naive how we face our relationships, whatever they may be, at work, as a couple or friendship, without knowing who are those who approach us. The series covers several of these relationships and gives us tips to be aware of manipulation and something very common in abusers, punishment and then asking for or giving a gift.

Any abuse is not a sign of love. Protection networks must be sought quickly, which allow us to face it, before it is too late.

The series has all the ingredients of a good drama - thriller, raw, with physical, psychological, obstetric and sexual violence.

The protagonists, with their good performances, make the story very natural and credible. The script has a good rhythm, it maintains the tension with its turns, allowing without haste to reflect on the story, and of course the photography and the music with its lyrics, enhance the story that the series wants to carry forward.

Conflicting emotions will surely surface, such as helplessness, anger and others, but it is worth seeing. It will allow us to look around and not be complicit in abuses and not be left alone with nice words about women, taking action, in respect, for effective protection. This is a psychosocial and public policy problem to be solved.

We could do a psychoanalysis with some characters, how they drag their fears and guilt, as well as the symbolic world of cages and birds, but it will be for a next season.

Interesting drama - triller, it will keep us tuned until the end and it may surprise us. A second season is expected.

Synopsis: After witnessing a shocking suicide, Verônica Torres, (Tainá Muller) a discreet police secretary who works in a São Paulo police station, decides to investigate on her own two sided cases involving two battered women, which will lead her down a path apparently no return, but ...

Available on Netflix.

Data sheet

Original title: Bom Dia, Verônica.

Year: 2020

Duration: TV series. 1Season, 8 episodes 55 min. Approx.

Brazil country

Address: Rog de Souza, José Henrique Fonseca, Izabel Jaguaribe

Script: Raphael Montes

Cast: Tainá Müller, Eduardo Moscovís, Camila Morgado, Jeferson Rodrigues, Adriano Garib, Silvio Guindane, Elisa Volpatto, Julia lanina

Production Company: Zola Filmes (Distributor: Netflix)

Genre: TV series. Drama - Thriller, abuse, domestic violence.

* Educommunicator and film critic; member of SIGNIS Chile and third director of SIGNIS ALC

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