Video tools to teach Media Education

Video tools to teach Media Education
Media education

In 2022, SIGNIS Asia Media Education Desk organized a Training for Trainers program committed to Media Education, coordinated by Dr. Magimai Pragasam, the Chair of Media Education Desk (2018-22).

As part of the programme, four short videos to be used as tools for delivering media education were produced by the office in collaboration with NISCORT, Delhi,
and directed by Fr. Jenith Sekar of NISCORT. These videos can be used during media literacy sessions in schools, colleges, parishes and other educational institutions.

1. Creative methodologies for media education.

This video is about some of the creative methodologies for media education. English language.
Duration: 11.15 Minutes.

2. Basic concepts of media literacy.

This video is about the basics of media literacy.
English language. Duration: 9.28 Minutes

3. How to use media creatively .

This video is about how to use media creatively.
English language. Duration: 8.19 Minutes

4. Introduction to advertising analysis.

This video is about the techniques used in the production of advertisements.
English language. Duration: 8.51 Minutes.