Workshop on 'How to make a film'

Workshop on 'How to make a film'

Workshop on 'How to make a movie' held in Chennai today!
On July 8, 2023, a one-day workshop on 'How to make a film' was held for around fifty-five participants, including Visual Communication degree students, film teachers, assistant directors and film lovers, organized by DeSales International Film and Media. Academy, run by the MSFS Congregation in Chennai, India.
"Unless we master the 24 crafts of cinema, we cannot create an impact on people's minds through our films," said Rasi Azhagappan, the award-winning filmmaker who worked with one of the greatest actors in Indian cinema, Mr. Kamalahasan for over 15 years. Recounting his experiences during the making of the blockbuster 'Dever Magan', a Tamil film directed by famous Indian director Bharathan, he explained the importance of story, script and directing in film making. “We need to be closer to reality and tell the story from the point of view of the audience,” Rasi Azhagappan said during her presentation.
Mr. Alfred Prakash, the screenwriter of the recent hit movie 'For Thozhil' (War Occupation) shared how he wrote the script for the movie 'For Thozhil' which took four long years. “The sound of applause from my first drama during my school days became the source of inspiration for my writing career,” said Mr. Prakash, a video journalist turned screenwriter. He explained various stages of screenwriting and emphasized the need to make creative decisions when writing movie scripts.
“It takes passion, commitment and a lot of creativity to write movie scripts. Take your time, but never lose control of reality and the thinking of the audience. You have to reflect reality and facts,” said the young screenwriter, whose film became a huge success only through word-of-mouth advertising.
The one-day workshop was filled with exciting exercises in which participants were asked to write one-line stories, short screenplays, and their favorite movies with reasons.
“The workshop has sparked a great interest in me towards filmmaking and taught me how to approach it professionally and systematically,” said Janani Priyanka, a visual communication student at Ennore.
Father J. Stephen, the Director of the Academy, thanked the specialists and the participants for their active participation in the workshop and assured them of his support in the training and production of value-based films, which is one of the main objectives of the academy. . The workshop ended with the delivery of certificates to all the participants and a vote of thanks proposed by Dr. Magimai Pragasam, Dean of the Film Academy.
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